Online neurology clinic. Movement and cognitive disorders.

Specialized in Movement Disorders and Cognitive Disorders

Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. No matter how serious, complex or rare your situation is, we have the experience to approach it. We are overspecialized in renowned centers for world medicine.

Thorough consultation

We focus on the details. We leave nothing to chance. Often, small details make the difference between one diagnosis and another. We carefully analyze every information available to give the right opinion.

Continuous Monitoring

We have developed our own solutions through which we track patients on a weekly basis. Thus, we are aware of the evolution of the disease and in critical cases we can intervene.

60 Minute Consultations

We evaluate each situation in detail and without haste to give you the best chance to return to your life. The doctor allocates 50 minutes for the discussion with you and 10 minutes for the elaboration of medical documents.

We educate for Prevention

We train the staff in our patient communities to increase local medical expertise. This reduces the need for our patients to move to specialized centers in the early stages of the disease.

Health is Our Profession

We are a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals focused on patient needs. We take a collaborative, consultative approach to treating patient needs on an individual basis. That's what we do. We chose to be physicians because we feel good about helping people.


Specialization in Movement Disorders and Cognitive Disorders. At Neuristica, each doctor has at least 10 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of this type or associated with them. We use this specialization and experience to provide you with solutions and hope.

Technology. Now it's easy to have access to the best doctors through online consultations, from anywhere. Through "My Account" you can use tools with which we monitor the progress of your ailments. The data you give us is analyzed to provide the best medical opinions.

Humanism. We are people inclined to take care of others. We want to do good. We believe that positivism, empathy, kind words and honesty are sure ways to provide confidence and peace of mind.

Neuristica Competencies

6 Specialties

+ 10 000 Patients Treated

+ 1 Million people suffering from movement disorders and cognitive disorders